Hi everyone, i am Janet the founder of Afrohaircare and would like to personally welcome you to the website.


I have always been passionate about hair since i was young. I watched my mum do hair and i was fascinated by the whole process of making something so beautiful out of hair and that is how my interest was awakened.

As i grew up, i also noticed that my mum had different regimen for my hair from hers and that made me wonder why only to find out that we have different hair textures. This further made me want to know more about Afro hair and the diversity of their textures. This was in Africa.

Then i moved to Europe and realized that climate change, weather and many other things can actually affect the quality of Afro hair. Over the years i have been researching and experimenting on different care regimens in different seasons to optimize the quality of hair and for this reason i would like to give back .


As a child i played pretend with grass and started plaiting it as my mannequin head. Then later started plaiting my friends and other children in the neighborhood. I realized that there was a diverse difference in hair texture of the children and one style was easier to do on one texture than another. I improved my hairdressing skills as time went by and it has remained my hobby.

When i moved to Europe, there were even more textures and challenges that i had to deal with like climate and weather changes that aren’t typical in the tropical countries like harsh winter and extreme summer temperatures. With time, through the media, seminars and the web i figured out how to come around these conditions and helped my clients too.

My passion for quality hair could not allow me to stop at my clients only, for this reason i would like to give back to many through this platform.

Been there too.

I know what it is like to have good hair then suddenly the things that used to work don’t anymore, and it will be great to relieve you from that stress.

Many people believe that Afro hair cant grow long or retain length and that’s a myth i want to bust by giving tips and guide to maintain healthy and quality hair which results to length retention.

Also, many people seem to have good hair at first but after either relocating to a different continent or parenthood, they seem to lose their healthy hair.

All in one

I created Afro hair care website so that everyone regardless of hair texture can feel at home here because this is where you will find answers to what you are looking for in one place. Whether you have natural, relaxed, braided, long short, colored hair and answers to your hair problems or you would like to try out something new, then this is the place to be.

So have a look around and If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and i will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




  1. Wow wow happy for you Janet,by doing this you will be able to reach out to many people and believe me women we love good hair.
    I’m ready to take this walk with you and get to have that hair I have always wanted.
    Good job and keep going,you are an inspiration to many.

    • Hi Susan,thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate that you took your time to go through my articles. My passion has always been hair and i am grateful to have this platform to share what i have learned through time. I am happy that you have found useful information and watch out for more 😉

  2. I remember you doing this way back in college… Go! Go! Go! When you come back, I would want you to look into my balding head..

    • Hi Awimbo, thanks for stopping by and writing your thoughts. I know balding is an issue mainly hereditary but there is a way of slowing it down. we will get to that.

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