ceramic hair straightening brush

You might be wondering what in the world a ceramic hair straightening brush is. Well, it is a hair brush with ceramic parts along the bristles which straighten hair when the ceramic ions heat up from inside. It is ideal for fragile and thin hair.  Naturalistas who would like to switch up their style once in a while to straight hair, in my opinion, this brush is really your best bet. Also, best straightening tool for beginners because of its user-friendliness. I’m gonna review what i believe to be the best ceramic hair straightener and has value for your money. The CNXUS MCH Heating Ionic Straightener Brush.

Ceramic hair straightening brush

Product name : CNXUS MCH Heating Ionic Straightener Brush.

Model : MX – 1699B.

Design : Crescent.

Price : Less than €40.

Cheapest place to buy : Amazon.

Warranty : 100% Money back warranty.

My rating:4.5 out of 5 – Just because nothing is perfect 🙂 otherwise a 5.

Amazon average rating : 4.3 out of 5 (594 reviews)

CNXUS MCH Heating Ionic Straightener Brush Overview.

Whether you have naturally curly or treated hair, we all have those days when you would just like to rock straight hair but the thought of flat ironing your hair and the heat damage gives you goose bumps. Well, I had the same struggle until i got my hands on this brush. Can you believe that it is the most reviewed as the best ceramic hair straightening brush at a fair price in Amazon!

CNXUS MCH heating ionic straightener can be used by all hair types and with the easy and familiar brushing techniques, you get your hair straight within a very short time. Its ionic function reduces frizziness and the risk of damaging your hair.

It is perfect for a quick touch up before a date or an evening out. Also, you can sleep abit longer without worrying about straight hair in the morning. The user manual is very clearly detailed and you can’t really go wrong.

As a bonus, it comes in a very beautiful black velvet bag packed in a pretty robust black box. Perfect for a gift 🙂


  • Metal Ceramic Heating (MCH) – These are small ceramic stones with self limiting temperature characteristics. They have a fast heating response time once your predefined temperature is reached and distribute the heat evenly then quickly recovers its temperature.
  • Built in ionic generator – This generator emits negative ions, negatively charged atoms and molecules which can interact with the molecular particles in your hair sealing your hair cuticles to reduce frizziness, Split ends, Knotting and of course increasing hair manageability.
  • ceramic hair straightening brushTemperature control – You can switch from °C (Celsius) to °F (Fahrenheit) and °F to °C . (150°C – 230°C)/( 300°F – 450°F).
  • Crescent design – This design accomodates the shape of the head and allows for easy straightening of hair in all angles
  • Automatic security power off function – CNXUS hair straightener brush turns off after 30 minutes of usage. This is good especially if you are doing things in a hurry and you forget to turn it off. You still can enjoy your party without worrying about burning down your apartment. You can turn it on if you want to use it again.

Pros .

  1. Time saving – Because of the ceramic plates, the heat is quickly and evenly distributed to ensure quick stylingceramic hair straightening brush.
  2. Fair price – You get a salon quality hairstyle fast and at a low price whenever you need it.
  3. Anti split ends, Anti frizz and Anti static – The ceramic plates eject negative ions which interact with the molecular particles in your hair sealing your hair cuticles to reduce frizziness, Split ends and Knotting.
  4. Hair manageability – Leaves your hair smooth, shiny and silky .
  5. Less heat usage – Straightens hair quickly ensuring that your hair is as little as possible exposed to heat.
  6. Healthy hair – The ejected negative ions which interact with the molecular particles in your hair also seal in moisture reducing the chances of hair damage.
  7. No chasing method required – With this brush, you do not need a comb to precede the brush for a sleek look.


  • Using direct heat on hair may cause damage if the temperature isn’t set right according to hair type.The CNXUS MCH Heating Ionic Straightener Brush comes with heat recommendation for the different hair types.Make sure to use heat protectors before using heat on your hair to avoid preventable damage.
  • Though in very rare circumstances in reviews, the bristles may snag on the hair ends. This has never happened to me though.

Final thoughts.

I have had this brush for about a year now and i am not disappointed at all. Out of almost 600 reviews, 70% gave it 5 stars and i have experienced why. As seen above, it has much more pros and the risks can be avoided when used correctly.

The price is really fair for what it does. It is a good investment. You don’t have to use it often but at least when you do, you won’t have a guilt feeling about damaging your hair since all that has been thought about.

You just need to follow instructions and for beginners, i would recommend to start with the lowest heat as you figure out each time what your hair can take and DO NOT go beyond that.

I hope you enjoyed my review and will be happy to read your experiences with this or other ceramic straightening brushes in the comments.


  1. Very interesting, I will show my wife, she just straightened her hair with one of those hot irons, that IMO damages your hair. One note, when I clicked on the image of the hair brush on the top of the page it took me to Amazon, but it looks like the page was in German! Good job on a tough item to review!

    • Hi, thanks alot for your time and glad you found useful information. About the link, the page can be translated to a language that you prefer. Judt scroll to the bottom of the amazon page and select country.

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