Yes i said it, relaxed hair! I know that for quite some time many people have gone natural with their hairs but not everyone has the patience and time to maintain it and enjoy the soft and easy to comb hair hence relaxing. The relaxed sisters have been left out for a while but hey, i got you covered! At the bottom is a list of my favourites and worth to mention deep conditioners.

For you to maintain healthy relaxed hair, you will definitely need one or two good deep conditioners. As you read further on, you will get to understand what i am really talking about here.

What is a deep conditioner and when should you use it?

A deep conditioner is what many also call treatment. Simply put, it is a specially formulated conditioner for restoring or healing your hair. It is different from the normal conditioner because it has a longer lasting effect and when heat is added to the process, it promotes absorption of moisture into your hair. It can be either a moisturizing conditioner or a protein conditioner.

When to use a deep conditioner depends on your hair needs and how often you wash your hair. Everyone has a different regimen whereby some use it once a week, some once a fortnight and some once a month! Yes there are people who wash their hair once a month probably because of protective styling.

My personal recommendation is, if you are an every week washer, you should use it every time you wash and keep observing your hair if it needs moisture (your hair feels dry, weak and tangled) or protein ( your hair feels stringy, sticky or limp). The Best practice is to alternate the conditioners.

What to look for in a moisturizing deep conditioner.

Often times when you look for a deep conditioner, you are told this is better than that or i have tried this and you should try it too. But those should not be your ultimate reasons to select your deep conditioner. You should know what to look for in a good deep conditioner then you can get what suits your hair needs. These should be among the first five in the ingredients list because it means that there is a significant amount of it in the product.

There are several good stuff to look for in a moisturizing deep conditioner, Let’s take a look in simple terms.

Among them are :-

Aqua – Of course water is the best natural moisturizer and should be present ingredient.

Cetearyl/Cetyl alcohol -These soften your and hair making it easy to detangle.

Glyceryl Stearate Softens your hair giving it a smooth feel and forms a barrier to prevent your hair from losing moisture.

Hydrolyzed wheat/Soy/oat protein – ( For low porosity hair) Doesn’t really repair the damage made on the keratin but moisturizes your hair giving it a silky feel and prevents it from further weakening.

Argan oil (argania spinosa kernel oil) – Has Vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants which help hydrate your hair increasing its elasticity.

Olive oil

Olive oil (olea europaea fruit oil) – Has anti oxidants and anti inflammatory properties which promote scalp health by lubricating hence reducing tangling and is good for hair growth.

Coconut oil (cocos nucifera oil) – Moisturizes dry hair preventing breakage and stimulates hair growth among other good stuff.

Shea butter (butyrospermum parkii fruit) – Has Vitamins A and E which are good moisturizing properties which then reduce dryness preventing breakage and split ends.

Avocado oil (persea gratissima oil )- Is rich in Oleic acid which penetrates the hair shaft moisturizing your hair strengthening it and eventually preventing it from breakage.

Soybean oil (glycine soja oil) – Has good fatty acids which help your hair in moisture retention.

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis leaf juice )Has vitamins A, C E,B12 and Choline, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids among others which are good for scalp health by helping to prevent itching, moisturizes your hair leaving it smooth and shiny.

Aloe Vera

These are just some best ingredients to look for and for a good product, It doesn’t have to contain all of them but the more the merrier.

Dos and Don`ts for deep conditioning.

  • Do not over do it. The maximum time indicated on the instructions of the product is normally enough to get the job done. Letting it stay longer than required may just be a waste of time.
  • Do not exaggerate. By this i mean avoid product load. Use one conditioner at a time. Not deep conditioner, then leave in conditioner, then conditioning moisturizer. It is either or.
  • Do apply heat (wear a plastic cap and use a dryer or hot shower) for better absorption of the product.
  • Do balance moisture and protein. Know what your hair needs before applying product.
  • Do use DIY mixes once. Don’t store the rest for future use. It has to be fresh at all times.
  • Do focus on your ends. These are the oldest and weakest parts of your hair.
  • Do you. Find the product that suits you by checking the ingredients and not the price or what others are doing because we all have different hairs that thrive differently with different products.

What to look for in a Protein deep conditioner.

Relaxed hair is to me automatically handled as damaged hair because it is not in its natural form. For this reason, you need to have a good protein treatment in your hair product collection and some ingredients to look for among the first five on the list in no particular order are :-

Keratin – Is the protein found naturally in the hair giving it its curly form and the chemicals in relaxers basically break it down and alter the hair texture making it straight and easier to manage. Your hair needs this back!

Baobab fruit

Baobab oil – Gives hair a healthy shine, moisturizes and makes thin hair look full.

Collagen – Provides amino acids that help build up hair protein and fight damage caused by free radicals.

Hydrolyzed* Wheat, Soy, Oat – ( For low porosity hair) Doesn’t really repair the damage made on the

keratin but moisturizes your hair giving it a silky feel and prevents it from further weakening.

Hydrolyzed Rice protein – Increases hair volume and helps the hair retain moisture as well as adds shine.

* Hydrolyzed means that the proteins have been broken down into smaller molecules for easier absorption by the hair.

Protein treatments Dos and Don`ts

  • Do not use protein treatment if your hair does not need it. This will cause more harm than good.
  • Do not use several protein rich products at a time. Use one, either shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner or leave in.
  • Do apply heat (wear a plastic cap and use a dryer or hot shower) for better absorption of the product.
  • Do not frequently switch protein products. Pick one and use it often to give your hair a chance to warm up to it.
  • Do use a regular light protein conditioner instead of a protein deep conditioner and leave it for a few minutes in your hair before rinsing out if your hair isn’t badly damaged to avoid an excess of proteins in your hair.
  • Do use DIY mixes once. Don’t store the rest for future use. It has to be fresh at all times.

My all time favorites.

Ever since I relaxed my hair, I have been searching for hair products in general from shampoo to moisturiser. I have tried many products but alas some just did not work for me! Below are the products I settled on and use interchangeably. The following information is based on my personal experience and in no way guarantees you the same results – as the saying goes “one man’s meat is another man’s poison!” Now lets cut to the chase.

Moisturizing deep conditioner

Moisturizing deep conditioner

1. Shea Moisture manuka honey and mafura oil intensive hydration hair masque.( Deep moisturizing).

Yes, i know there has been a hype for sometime about it and i decided to check it out for myself and i didn’t regret it. First of all, i like how it smells and is really thick and creamy. It makes my hair easy to detangle. My hair feels stronger and softer after i use it. My hair feels good after i rinse it off. I am definitely keeping this in my product list.

Mmoisturizing deep conditione

Moisturizing deep conditioner

2. Mega growth deep strengthening treatment. ( Deep moisturizing).

Now this i discovered recently. The price is way lower compared to Shea moisture. It smells really good, like candy! Is super creamy and thick as well. I can detangle my hair easily as i rinse it off. My hair feels silky, soft, smooth and stronger easy to detangle after i use it. Definitely keeping it.

moisturizing conditioner

Moisturizing conditioner

3. Ogx Renewing Argan oil of Morocco conditioner (moisturizing).

I call this light because it doesn’t require you to use a dryer. I use it as a regular in between conditioners when i need a wash and don’t have time to deep condition. It has a light consistency compared to the deep conditioners. I used several before but settled on Ogx because it makes my hair smooth and easy to work with even without a deep conditioning. Keeping this one too.

Protein treatment

Protein treatment

4.ORS Hair mayonnaise ( Deep protein).

This is has been my all time favorite and i have always used it as my first conditioner after relaxing my hair. It doesn’t stiffen my hair, rather makes my hair strong. I follow it up with a light moisturizing conditioner. It smells good as well. No matter how many other protein treatments i try, i always come back to ORS, lol.

Protein treatment

5. Aphoghee 2step protein treatment ( Deep protein). And balancing moisturizer.

Now this is a strong protein treatment that makes your hair really stiff but it is bought with a balancing moisturizer. I have used this twice now in a span of about half a year for a protein boost in my hair. It is not meant for regular use. You need to follow the instructions carefully so you don’t damage your hair.

Protein treatment

6. Aphoghee Keratin 2 minute re constructor. (Light protein).

I call it light because you don’t need to go under the dryer and you can use it when your hair needs protein and you don’t have time for a deep conditioning. I use this in between moisturizing deep conditioners when i need a quick wash and protein for my hair. Leaves my hair feeling strong and smooth. It also has a moisturizing effect and smells good as well. Definitely keeping it.

7 Worth mentioning 4 stars + reviewed  conditioners.

Moisturizing deep conditioner

Moisturizing deep conditioner

Moisturizing deep conditioner

Moisturizing deep conditioner

Moisturizing conditioner

Moisturizing conditioner

Protein deep conditioner

Protein deep conditioner

Protein deep conditioner

Protein deep conditioner

Light protein conditioner

Light protein conditioner

Light/Deep protein conditioner

Light / Deep protein conditioner

Take away.

Now we know what deep conditioning is all about and how to go about it. However, there are some things to take note about before rushing in to buying. You should know your hair and what it needs.

Using protein treatment on hair that doesn’t need it can do more harm than good such that your hair will become overly stiff and could easily break. Protein is supposed to help fight dryness but unnecessary use of it can cause dryness. So make sure that you use it when your hair needs it.

If after a protein treatment your hair feels too stiff, you can follow up with a wash out moisturizing treatment and your hair should be OK after you rinse. The above mentioned deep conditioners are among the few best that you can try out to find out what works for you. What works for me may not necessarily work for you and vice versa since you know your hair better than i do.

Do you have experience with any of these or do you have a favorite that is not listed here? Feel free to add it on the comments Would you like me to try out and review a deep conditioner? You can contact me and i will be happy to get back to you.

  1. Awesome post! The most helpful piece of writing I’ve seen on deep conditioning. Thank you a lot for sharing this with us. ^^

    Greetings from France

    • Hi Riri, thanks alot for your time and feedback. I am glad you found useful information here. Watch out for more articles. Greetings from Germany.

  2. Hello Janet, what an awesome post. Please i just need clarification on one thing, i really one to try, the mega growth deep conditioner, i have always thought that it is a protein based conditioner, am I wrong? How often should that be used? I would really appreciate your feed back. Thanks.

    • Hi Christy, thats a good question. I can say that it has both moisturizing and protein properties in it but compared to the others mentioned,and from experience, i would clasify it under moisturizing. It has protein compounds but it is more moisturizing to my hair.
      Usage, it depends on your hair needs and how often you wash your hair. Weather your hair needs protein or moisturizing. I would advise you to alternate moisturizing conditioner and protein.i hope this helped you make your decision.

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