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Women mostly wear wigs to protect their natural hair, cover hair loss, hide a bad hair day or just to try something new without having to do anything permanent to their natural hair. When it comes to wigs, human hair wigs are mostly preferred because of the quality, durability and the natural look they have as compared to the synthetic wigs.

Normally, the best human hair wigs that have a natural look are pretty costly because they are harvested from people all over the world right from Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and the other continents. Yes they come from peoples hair in case you were wondering.

To protect your hairline, you might want to use a wig grip instead of a stocking! Alternatively, you can slide your stocking behind your ear to expose your hairline and then put a wig grip.

Now that you know where the hair comes from, lets take a look at the different types of human hair wigs . Cap illustrations courtesy of wowafrican.com.

Human hair lace front wig

A lace front wig basically has a lace only at the front edges of the wig to give a natural hairline illusion. At the back It has wefts and adjustable straps. Normally It has 3 or so combs, 2 placed at the sides and one at the front for stability.

With a lace front wig, you are a bit limited in styling and can wear it back or a low ponytail. It is good for a first time wearer because it isn’t difficult to wear and has quite a number of combs to help you to secure it properly.


360 Human hair lace wig

This wig is somewhere between lace front and full lace. 360 lace wig has a lace in the entire perimeter of the cap and because of that, you can wear a high ponytail or braid on the sides.

It is more pricey than the lace front but cheaper than full lace.

Human hair full lace wig

Unlike the lace front wig, a full lace wig is made from a cap by which the entire base is made of a lace.

On standard wigs, there is a strip of stretch lace for adjustment to fit the different head sizes and gives room for hair growth.

Because its base looks natural, it is easier to style and you can part it anywhere you wish. This makes it more pricey than the others.


U – part human hair wigs

This wig i can say falls between a wig and a sew in weave. It is an upgrade of a 3/4 wig that has a U shape part at the front to allow you to leave out a section of your natural hair for a natural part.

Just like the normal human hair wigs, it has combs and adjusting straps to secure it well on the head. The U part wig gives you the best of a wig and sew in weave.

I highly recommend this wig if you are unsure of wearing a wig or rather feel uncomfortable with the complete wig coverage and you don’t feel like a sew in weave either.



  1. Texture – It is easy to match your hair texture because it is natural.
  2. Styling – You can alter the original style by coloring, perming or curling just like you would do on your natural hair.
  3. Natural Look – They look very natural and can easily be matched with your own natural hair.
  4. Durability – Worn daily, Human hair wigs can last up to over a year given the proper care and maintenance.


  1. Cost – They are expensive.
  2. Delicate – Just like hair, it gets damaged easily through frequent manipulation.
  3. Reacts to weather – Depending on how the weather is, human hair wigs are prone to frizzyness, dullness and dryness.
  4. Labor intensive – Because it reacts to the weather, you will be required to style it frequently and this could be tiring.
  5. Maintenance – Since they are like hair, human hair wigs are high maintenance and need frequent washing, conditioning and deep conditioning just like real hair.
  6. Uniqueness – It isn’t easy to replicate a wig with the same style and colour because the hairs are harvested from different people.

How to care for your wig.

First and foremost, human hair wigs are NOT ready to wear from the box! That’s right i said it. You need to wash or rinse it before your first use. And because it is human hair, you need to maintain it like you would do your own hair to get the best out of it. Now that we are together, lets get to it.

  1. Before you wash, detangle it with your fingers or a wide tooth comb from ends to roots.
  2. Hold with your hands to rinse in cool running water. Hot water will damage the cap. Do not submerge.
  3. Apply shampoo in a stroking motion from roots to ends.
  4. Rinse and gently squeeze to get rid of excess water. Do not wring or twist.
  5. Apply conditioner from the mid shaft to the ends in a stroking motion, leave in as instructed by manufacturer.
  6. Rinse and gently squeeze to get rid of excess water.
  7. Air dry on a wig stand until dry before combing to prevent damage.
  8. Moisturize and style.

Before buying your wig,

  • How often do you intend to wear it and for how long? – If you want to wear it every day, for a long time, human hair is more durable than synthetic hair and with proper care can last up to over a year. But if you need it just for a short time, then a synthetic one will do just fine.
  • What climate you will be at? – If you are often in a humid climate, you might wanna consider a synthetic wig because the weather and climate does nothing to it. The style remains intact. Human hair on the other hand will react to the weather and can get dry and frizzy.
  • What is your budget? – How much are you willing to spend on a wig? Wigs come in different prices and you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a nice wig. Spend what is pocket friendly to you and meets your quality standards.
  • How frequently do you want to change your style? – If you are comfortable with one look for a long time, you can go for synthetic but if you enjoy different looks frequently, you may want to go for a more versatile wig that gives you room for that.

Bottom line.

Wigs are a good option of trying out different looks without altering your hair permanently. As seen above, human hair wigs need good maintenance for it to last as it should and if you are not ready to do this often, you might want to consider synthetic.

All in all, there are synthetic wigs that look as great as the Human hair wigs and considering the pros and cons and the things to consider before buying your wig, you are in the right direction of getting the right one for you. Do you and look great! Anything i might have left out of would you like to add something? Feel free to contact me or leave me a comment an i will be happy to write back.

  1. Wow..you inspire me with your articles..
    I get to learn alot from you,I had to take short notes.
    You are doing a great job Janet..kudos.

    • Thank you so much Susan for finding time to read. I am humbled to be an inspiration to you and glad that you get useful information from my articles. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words.

  2. Hi Janet!

    I really should have seen this before I just purchased my human hair wig LOL! In fact, I was wondering what a U part wig was because I always saw it on websites that specialize in selling natural-looking hair and I was about to buy it to see what it was. It’s a good thing i decided against it and bought another wig that covered my whole head because I dont want any of my hair out….at all lol.

    Thank you for your article. It was very informative!

    • Hi Tyranique, thanks for finding time to go through my article. I am glad you found some useful information here atleast before you got yourself a wig that you wouldn`t wear lol.

  3. I never realized the maintenance it takes to wear wigs. I thought that you just put it on and you’d be off on your merry way. Wow! It makes sense though that since some wigs are made of human hair that they would need to taken care of in the same way as the hair on your head,

  4. Thanks for this great information! I absolutely hate my hair and have often thought about trying a wig, especially for special occasions.
    I wasn’t sure how obvious it would be, but from the sounds of these human hair wigs, they must cover very well and naturally.
    I’ve always wanted longer, thicker, hair with body. I have frizzy, thin hair that hardly ever looks good.
    I may have to research these a little more.
    I’m interested in the Full Lace wigs!
    I’m glad I found your page about these!
    Best wishes,

    • Thanks Devara for finding time to go through the article. I am glad that you found some useful information here and it will help you as you search for a wig that suits you. Best wishes to you too.

  5. Joanne Ogunah

    I have never tried the wigs but I guess it should be a bucket list item. What is the lace made of?

    • Hi Joanne, thanks for finding time to go through my article. To be honest,what material the lace is made of hasn`t crossed my mind Lol! But i will find out in detail and get back to you 😉

    • Thanks for finding time to read through still. 😉 It may not necessarily be your thing, but you could share the info to those who may need it 😉

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