Natural hair products for afro hair

Allys hair care is customized to your hair needs by a Kenyan lady – Aliza- who had been in search of natural hair products that work well with her hair in vain. She tried different products but didn’t find what was best for her and that’s how she decided to make her own. With time, she started customizing for her friends and this slowly grew.

Here she shares her story on how it all started and what Allys is all about.

Enjoy 🙂

How Allys came to be.

Natural hair products for afro hair

Allys hair care

I started out solving my own hair woes. I have a very sensitive scalp
and store bought products made me itch a lot. For this reason, i shuddered at the thought of washing my locs because i knew i was in for a scratch
session, it was really uncomfortable. I needed shampoo.

After a conversation with a close friend of mine Nina, she said, ” Well why don’t you figure out something that will work for you.” I took that to heart and started reading up on ingredients that help hair. Reading about various hair types, basically all things hair.

Natural hair products for afro hair

Cleansing shampoo

So with all this information i whipped up something to try on myself. What had become my usual scratch sessions were done with. Finally, relief.

I shared some of it with my sister and sold a few bottles too. Months went by with no sales and i decided to make shampoo just for my personal use.

A couple of months later i got a reorder! Voila! I wasn’t the only one whose scalp stopped itching. In addition, my clients noticed an increase in hair volume.

Natural hair products for afro hair

deep conditioner

My sister said to me she had actually noticed she has more hair when she
held her hair in a ponytail. Her daughters hair as well was really
thriving. I was elated.

Then i started getting questions about
whether i made conditioner as well, others asked about oil. Guess
where that sent me. Back to the books.

What is unique about Allys hair care line

Allys hair care line is customized according to the response i get from these questions i pose to clients :-

  • What are your hair issues?
  • What’s your hair type?
  • What products are you currently using?
Natural hair products for afro hair

Creamy moisturizing conditioner

From this information, I work up something using natural ingredients that’s tailored for them. I take a lot of time creating different formulas, and i´m very grateful that my clients give me feedback. This helps me tweak and change up things as necessary.

I use several herbal concoctions and oils that help with scalp issues and thinning hair.

I believe nature has provided solutions to all possible problems. We just have to find the right balance.

Products in the Allys hair care line

I currently make

  1. Shampoo, both Liquid and Bar soap.
  2. Leave in conditioner,
  3. Hair oil,
  4. Moisturizing spritz.
  5. Hair masks on occasion

Customer reviews.

I thank my clients for the positive feedback. Here are some of them ;-

Natural hair products for afro hair Natural hair products for afro hair Natural hair products for afro hair Natural hair products for afro hair

Other products of Allys

Facial Bar soap and Body Bar soap

Natural hair products

Allys bar soap

I tried out natural soap once, made by a friend of a friend and
i have never looked back since. This experience and my love for DIYs sent me to the drawing board. And so, with a lot of research, sourcing herbs and creating balanced concoctions, my bar soap journey began.

The reviews i get about them just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Natural hair products for afro hair

Allys bar soap

I totally enjoy working with my hands. I am an artist, and what I do
means a lot to me. I take my clients hair and skin very personally lol. Its not just business for me. Its a chance to touch someones life.

When you feel good you exude that, and it starts up a chain effect. A compliment on your hair and skin is like a positive charge.
I just want to keep that going.

Natural hair products for afro hair

The face behind Allys

How to get Allys Products

You can get Allys products directly from her pages:-

Facebook – Sanaa tu. Click here

Instagram – Sanaa tu. Click here


As you have read, Allys products are customized according to your personal needs. All these have been tried and tested and the reviews say it all. How nice is it to have customized hair products to suit your needs! 🙂

They are easily accessible, just click here to contact her for more information about any particular product or if you would like your own customized hair care line.

Coming soon is my own review of the products after i complete a bottle/bar.

I hope you enjoyed her story. Do you know Allys or have used them before? We will be happy to read your thoughts.

  1. Thank you so much for this excellent article, Janet! As an African-American woman, I am constantly looking for hair products that are truly tailored to me and help my hair/scalp to feel (and be) clean, voluminous, comfortable and healthy. I have heard of Ally’s before, but i admittedly have not tried any of her products yet. I definitely want to give her shampoos and facial bars a try! I will definitely check out your review of her products! Congratulations on having your own business (you go, girl! Haha)! To have your own business is truly an accomplishment, and I always love to support my entrepreneurial-minded sisters in their endeavors. God bless you, Love!

    • Hi, thank you for your kind words and complements. Allys products are customized to your personal needs and that is why i like them. Make sure to check her page for updates. God bless you too.

  2. I am big fan of the natural hair care products and stay well away from any of those that are artificial and causes more harm than good.

    Since it’s all natural, are they suitable for only the afro hair?

    • Thanks for your time.Allys Hair products are mainly meant for afro hair but the facial soaps are customized for different skin types.

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